About Us

We believe in Whole Person health, and offer services for Integrative Healthcare

What We Do

Benawell Wellbeing

Benawell provides services and treatments for integrative healthcare.  We aim to widen the range of wellbeing services available to all, which can result in improved health outcomes and alleviate burden from the NHS.

We do this by providing holistic and complementary therapies that can be used alongside conventional healthcare.  In addition to offering a greater choice of effective treatment options, we believe this offers a cost effective solution to issues currently faced by the healthcare system. 

Our policies and protocols meet NHS standards.  Consequently, we uphold high standards of care and service delivery, and act upon national, and international recommendations for progressive healthcare.

All services are centrally co-ordinated, performance managed, and evaluated, offering comprehensive service provision. Our services are available for use by healthcare organisations, businesses, insurance companies, and educational establishments.

Our website also hosts a wellbeing directory so that people can easily see the range of wellbeing and support services, and events, available to them.

What We Do

Why We Do It

Looking after our wellbeing is important

Looking after our wellbeing is important, as it can result in longer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. 

Wellness is more than being free of physical illness.  It means looking after all aspects of our lives, including our mental, emotional, social, and physical health, which can be achieved by broadening the range of services available.

Integrated Health

Demand for holistic and complementary therapies continues to grow across the UK.  This is evidenced by people increasingly self funding therapies alongside existing treatments.  

As such, there is greater call for integrated healthcare from organisations such as The World Health Organisation, The UK Parliamentary Group, and The UK College of Medicine, as well as from individuals themselves, due to the many benefits they bring. 

These therapies remain predominantly privately accessed, and are therefore limited to those that are able to afford them and have greater levels of disposable income.

We want to change this so that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from these therapies.


OUR Mission

To provide quality holistic services that integrate alongside conventional healthcare, to enable more a more effective, and whole person approach to healthcare

About the Founder

Hello, I’m Sanden, and I am Benawell’s founder. Here’s a quick introduction to me.

I come from a conventional healthcare background, having qualified as a registered adult nurse in the NHS, and then going on to work in, and manage, both local and national Public Health services. 

Working across various NHS services enabled me to witness the pressure the healthcare system is under.  This made me passionate about increasing the range of effective treatments available, whilst at the same time reducing the burden on the NHS by offering cost effective solutions.

I have witnessed first-hand how integrative approaches can improve health outcomes through my experiences in both a professional and personal capacity, and I want everyone to have access to these services, despite the background they come from, or financial resources they have available.

This is why I created Benawell; a company offering a forward thinking approach to healthcare. 

I currently live in the West Midlands, and I love getting out into nature; I am also a big advocate of meditative and mindfulness practices.